Attracting Top Talent Through Office Design


Good office design is often mistaken for a vanity project. But if you want to win the war on talent, your office interior must be attractive enough to entice Millennials entering the workplace as well as those switching jobs in 2015. What are quality staff looking for? Let’s take a look.

Office interiors can crack the culture code. Is your office fit out built around corner offices and grey-painted cubicles? Chances are, you’re not as innovative and collaborative as you think.

These days, jobs are more than just pay and benefits. Where you work carries significant weight. To attract the right sort of talent, you’ll literally have to splash your culture right across the office design.

One size does not fit all. But blending your values with your office refurbishment will really put fire in your workers’ bellies—and help attract the energetic new talent you need. 

Office design meets flex-time. People are working anywhere at anytime—from the office to the school gates and everywhere in between. Want to magnetise top talent? Offer flextime.

Technology underpins the flexible office interior design. Employers of choice adopt the latest technology for managing output across a range of devices, with WIFI available wherever the worker goes. On the ground, coworking-style office fit outs allow for collaboration and social time, while saving valuable space and cost.

Office fit out fun? With the lines between work and leisure increasingly blurred, it makes sense to design the office interior as an extension of a worker’s home life. And we’re not talking about zany stuff, like astroturfing the meeting room.

Bright paint colours, natural light and art-work go a long way towards creating the bright and airy spaces people crave. Chill out office design features, such as comfortable lounge furniture, encourage relationship-building – a key driver in productivity and motivation. Other office design ideas include outside seating, cafés and even gaming areas.

Ultimately, it’s about giving job seekers a modern, functional office interior design where they can be themselves. Arrange that type of office fit out, and your hiring will take care of itself.


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