We’ve Gone International (Part 2)

Banking Circle Office Refit London

In the previous article (Part 1), we teased you with our experiences of carrying out two fit outs abroad, in Luxembourg and Copenhagen, for our client Banking Circle

We’ve Gone International (Part 1)

Banking Circle Office Refit London

We may be focused on London office design and fitout but it’s official—CCWS has crossed the seas and completed two major fit-outs abroad! And we thought we’d take some time to share our experiences with you.

How to Design a Mindful Workplace

mindfulness in the workplace

Regularly doing things together, like pizza Fridays and after-work drinks in the pub, is nice and creates a good atmosphere, but it’s still the daily work environment that matters most. Both you and your employees spend a lot of time—so much time!—in the office.

Serious business = serious office, right? Wrong, and here’s why…

How creative office spaces can help improve workplace productivity and wellbeing. Step inside Currencycloud’s Spitalfields-based office in the heart of London’s East End and you’ll be welcomed by a workforce of dynamic, switched-on and motivated individuals.

Not-for-Profit: Why investing in an office re-fit is beneficial for championing your cause

With the iconic Movember charity drive month coming to a close, we’re talking not-for-profit office redesign. It’s a common misconception that charitable giving should equate to frugality when it comes to company overheads. And ok, we get it…when you hand over your

Being at One with Nature with Biophilic Design

CCWS office design London refurbishment diary case studies

When you’re researching ideas for commercial interior design in London, you’re probably going to come across the term “biophilic design”. It sounds like a fancy, tree-hugging trend that will die out as quickly as table football in the breakout space, right? After all,…

Health and Safety in Office Design and Build

CCWS London are office refurbishment experts

Uh oh, it’s time for your friendly office design company to give the talk about health and safety. You know ‘elf and safety, right? It’s when a pen-pushing bureaucrat puts a kibosh on tequila Fridays, especially when they coincide with steak and chainsaw night….

What is Snagging in an Office Refurbishment?

Commercial reception interior design by CCWS office design London

None of us are perfect. But that doesn’t mean you should accept anything less than a banging office that is anything less than, well, banging. We wouldn’t allow it. We couldn’t. An office design company has a responsibility to take any imperfections in their works and…

The Big Reveal with Octopus Group

Office interior designers London at CCWS

If there’s one thing that gets us out of bed in the morning, it’s the thought of a Big Reveal. The moment we hand over a recently completed office interiors project back to our client. We call it the Champagne moment. There are always weeks, if not months, of hard…

How do you Design an Office Everyone Loves?

Centre for Cities new meeting room

It’s surprising how often our clients ask this question. I mean, if you’re going to invest tens, if not hundreds, of thousands in your office design and refurbishment, it’s worthwhile taking your time to get it right. Right? Can you imagine moving into your shiny new…