How to Design a Mindful Workplace

mindfulness in the workplace

Regularly doing things together, like pizza Fridays and after-work drinks in the pub, is nice and creates a good atmosphere, but it’s still the daily work environment that matters most. Both you and your employees spend a lot of time—so much time!—in the office.

Serious business = serious office, right? Wrong, and here’s why…

How creative office spaces can help improve workplace productivity and wellbeing. Step inside Currencycloud’s Spitalfields-based office in the heart of London’s East End and you’ll be welcomed by a workforce of dynamic, switched-on and motivated individuals.

Not-for-Profit: Why investing in an office re-fit is beneficial for championing your cause

With the iconic Movember charity drive month coming to a close, we’re talking not-for-profit office redesign. It’s a common misconception that charitable giving should equate to frugality when it comes to company overheads. And ok, we get it…when you hand over your

Making your Office as Brilliant as your Brand

Currency Cloud view from meeting room

Here’s a bold statement: your brand is the most important thing you’re selling. Is that a wild exaggeration? Weeellll, maybe. Possibly. But one thing is definitely true: if you present yourself on the phone as Sammy Six Figures, your clients are going to be majorly

Accessibility in Office Design: Are You Compliant?


In these times of hot-desking, co-working and WFH (the fancy acronym for a pajama day), it’s easy to forget that employees need more than a laptop and something to balance it on in order to get any decent work done. Not everyone can save the world by answering emails

Office Space Planning: The Core Ingredients of a Well Planned Workspace


We’ve come a long way since cubicle farms. Nine out of ten office fit out companies in London agree: the hip new modern office trend is being able to push your chair out from your desk without causing a domino collapse of interns. If you’re struggling for space, we…

Hacking into the Brain using Colour Theory

Centre for Cities new meeting room

Colour theory can be a little like street magic. A suggestion of warm tones here, a lick of paint there, and visitors to your new workspace are giving you their business without a second thought. Even better, with just a little knowledge of the effects of colour on…

Navigate your Way Around the Liquidated Damages Minefield

Office reception area design by CCWS commercial interior designers London

If you’re completing an office fit out you need to know about delays and understand liquidated damages. Especially if you don’t want to lose all your hair in the process of creating your office utopia. Here’s why… even a fit out with the best teams (like us) working…

What?! Another Office Fit Out Project?

CCWS office design company in London

Wow, I’m not sure what’s happening, but we’re winning new office fit out projects in London left, right and centre at the moment – maybe because we’re the best office design company in London (that’s what our clients tell us anyway). This one is extra special because…

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Up to the Ceiling We Go

Office refurbishment London is looking up! Forget the walls for a second and check out what’s happening above your heads. Our latest obsession, hands down, is CEILINGS. You know, those awful white plasterboard tiles that you see in older offices that you can’t wait to…