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Centre for Cities new meeting room


This is our first project with one of the UK’s leading not-for-profit research organisations. They seek to understand how and why economic growth takes place in Britain’s cities, then work with national and international decision makers to improve UK cities economic performance.

Location and flexibility were a key part of the brief and we worked with a dynamic leadership team in Alexandra, Andrew and Ben to find the right space and ensure it met their objectives for the new office design.

Designed around a work-anywhere philosophy, giving the team instant access to the tools, environments and spaces they needed to achieve different kinds of concentrative collaborative and research based work process, and in the most appropriate environments.

We incorporated facilities across the office interior, such as; flexible meeting and presentation rooms, breakout and socialising areas, study corners and an open socialising hub and cafe hub space.

We agree with Centre for Cities, that a flexible work-space encouraging interaction but preserving quiet spaces not only responds to what staff prefer, but also fosters the relationships, ideas and conversations that help the organisation thrive.

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