17 Creature Comforts Proven to Make Work Suck Less

Sometimes, it’s the little office interior refurbishment services that make a big difference. Here are 17 quick fixes that are guaranteed to have you whistling while you work.

1. Grab a lunch that’s both delicious and energising.

Office Office refurbishment services

Avoid the mid-afternoon food coma by preparing something fresh and wholesome. Share it, and you’ll make tons of lovely new friends. Also key? Having a stylish kitchen to do it in.

2. Stand, don’t sit.

Office refurbishment services

The numbers are in and sitting is the new smoking y’all. Install a few standing desks in your office interior refurbishment or grab a scooter to whizz around the various ‘hoods of your new multi-functional layout.

3. When you sit, sit well.

Office refurbishment services

When it comes to making people happy and slashing the number of ache-and-pain related sick days, ergonomics are a great investment. Choose eye-level workstations you can look up to, not hunch over.

4. Sit near a window.

Office refurbishment services

When you ask people to design their dream office interior refurbishment, natural light is always the number one priority. Sunlight improves mood, sleep and productivity. Even when it’s raining, it’s wonderful.

5. Put plants near your desk.

Office interior refurbishment

Arrange plants all over the office, or pop a small plant or two next to your computer. People who work near green feel much happier about their jobs than people who work in grey cubicles with no soul. That’s the cubicle, by the way, not the worker.

6. Get a cool desk.

Office interior refurbishment

If you were at a banging desk, wouldn’t work feel a million times better?

7. Decorate your desk with things that make you happy.

We realise this sounds silly, but trust us. Personalising your desk is a major happiness boost. There are so many options – cute pin boards, fancy calendars, books, pictures, magnets, lamps, boggle-eyed monster notebooks or a mini-aquarium. Whatever makes you smile.

8. Set boundaries between work and social time.

Hop over to the office social space and take a quick breather to mentally leave work behind. Consider what activities your people find relaxing and engaging – reading, chatting, listening to music, a game of ping pong – and talk to your office refurbishment services partner about building those into your design.

9. Don’t wear busyness as a badge of pride.

Office interior refurbishment

One reason work sucks is because we’re ticking off our to-do list from morning until night. Even taking five minutes to breathe can make a massive difference. These guys installed a squishy sofa and TV so people could grab some R&R.

10. Get out of your routine.

Office interior refurbishment

We have a tendency not to focus on the big picture when we are stuck at the same desk day in, day out. Treat yourself to something surprisingly good and fun, like a brightly coloured bean bag area for lounging. There are lots of cost-effective design features we can install to put a smile on people’s faces.

11. Colour changes your mood.

Office interior refurbishment

Lots of work places get caught up in the negative. In our experience, most of them are painted beige. Turn that around with some thumping pops of colour.

12. Keep it clean and comfortable.

Office refurbishment services

You don’t need us to tell you that temperamental air conditioning, flickering light bulbs and towering piles of files make people really, really grumpy. When things break, fix them, and invest in storage so things stay nice and neat.

13. Invest in and quality coffee and snacks.

A kitchen with espresso machines, soda fountains or a cold-counter of ready made sandwiches, fruit and salads. And a lovely area to eat it all in. Pretty sweet.

14. Install a nap room (or a hammock).

Studies show that a 20-minute power nap is better than a Red Bull to boost energy for those who are busy with complex, stressful work. Now that’s science we can get behind.

15. Stay hydrated.

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Drinking water makes you pee so you have to stand up and walk to the bathroom. Sitting is the new smoking, remember? Plus, the kitchen is a great place to meet people and have an energising chat. Or you could hop along to the local bar, as long as you stick to the number one rule: always drink slower than your boss.

16. Squeeze in mini workouts.

Even if you can’t squeeze an entire gym into your office interior refurbishment, you can probably find space for some resistance bands, yoga mats or mini golf. Or swap out your desk chair for an exercise ball every couple of hours.

17. Tell your story.

Office refurb for charities

Display your values somewhere prominent to remind yourself about why you’re there and what’s important to you. People are a lot happier when they trust the people they work for and have pride in what they do.

Every great place to work has to start somewhere.

Let’s be honest: you can go all out with office refurbishment services, but sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference. Just a few small changes can make your office environment just that little bit nicer for everyone. After all, you spend one-third of your life in the workplace. It should at least put a smile on your face.

Want more inspiration? Visit our Pinterest account for a collection of office interior refurbishment ideas.


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