Accessibility in Office Design: Are You Compliant?

In these times of hot-desking, co-working and WFH (the fancy acronym for a pajama day), it’s easy to forget that employees need more than a laptop and something to balance it on in order to get any decent work done. Not everyone can save the world by answering emails

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CCWS office design London refurbishment diary case studies

Being at One with Nature with Biophilic Design

When you’re researching ideas for commercial interior design in London, you’re probably going to come across the term “biophilic design”. It sounds like a fancy, tree-hugging trend that will die out as quickly as table football in the breakout space, right? After all,…

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Centre for Cities new meeting room

Hacking into the Brain using Colour Theory

Colour theory can be a little like street magic. A suggestion of warm tones here, a lick of paint there, and visitors to your new workspace are giving you their business without a second thought. Even better, with just a little knowledge of the effects of colour on…

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