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You know that moment when your boss says ‘would you like to manage our office refurbishment?’, and you realise it’s not actually a question.

You’re probably wondering what’s involved? Or thinking you’re already busy, how can you fit this in too, especially when the office is turned inside out and upside down.

Well don’t worry. We’ve been there hundreds of times before and can guide you through what’s coming. We pride ourselves on holding our clients’ hands from start to finish, taking them through difficult lease challenges, design decisions and the details that make a good office, great.

But don’t just take our word for it.

We’re going to show you what it’s like working with CCWS with our #refurbdiaries. We’ll be taking a look ‘under the hood’ on site with our clients as we create great offices across Clerkenwell, Farringdon, Southwark and the City of London.

Here’s some examples to get you going:

Our client Emily, the Executive PA to the CEO of leading mens’ health charity Movember, wanted some help with choosing plants for their new office we’re building. Simples. We took her shopping:

office refurbishment diaries

You can see our lead designer Amy in the middle, and founder David on the right. The Dallas Cowboys fan on the left is Emily.

We make a point of taking care of the #officeheroes like Emily. We don’t have lots of layers of management, or allow ‘Project Directors’, aka sales people, anywhere near you. Instead, we run every detail of every project, down to the very last light bulb, helping Emily, and all our PAs and office managers, look great.

Just like in our search for perfection with the wood floor stain for Movember’s office. We tested seven shades of stain (not to be confused with 50 shades…) to help Emily choose the right one.

office refurbishment diaries

And who says building sites aren’t friendly places? Look at our two plumbers gushing over each other at the end of a day’s work. Beautiful.

office refurbishment diaries

“Love is in the air everywhere I look around,

Love is in the air every sight and every sound”.

Thanks, John Paul Young.

Anyway, you can follow our Refurb Diaries here on the blog, on our facebook page and on Twitter if you want to find out more. Just look out for the hashtag #refurbdiaries.

You can always call us too. We’d be very happy to tell you more about what’s coming your way.

But most of all, don’t worry. Office refurbishments can be stressful, but getting the right team on your side will make life a lot easier. And that just might be us.


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