Who Needs Business When You Can Have Bleisure?


Mix with the style set in these devilishly handsome meeting spaces, and spotlight leisure in your creative office interiors.


Meetings aren’t just about getting results anymore. Young, tech-savvy workers like you want to enjoy your meetings and come away feeling connected and fulfilled in terms of the way you interact. What you’re looking for is ‘bleisure’ – mixing your business time and leisure time to get the most out of meetings.

Some businesses have poured a lot of inspiration into this particular area and the designs they feature are full of stylish twists. Here’s a roundup of the tastiest ‘bleisure’ spaces you ever laid eyes on.


office design london

We’re known for delivering intelligent office interiors in London, and Cloudflare’s sensational design is a long-time CCWS fave. We adore this marriage of rustic relaxation and urban chic; the neutral palette is enhanced by tons of natural light and a variety of renewable and environmentally friendly materials.

Combining a spacious theatre-style seating arrangement with the cosy, glass-sided cubes you see below, the space is designed to let you move organically from networking-focused ‘group-hug’ style events to something a little more intimate – or even bleisuring alone. You won’t be doodling at the back of the class in these meeting rooms!

office interiors london


Office interiors london

Some meeting rooms can look relaxed and cheerful without needing too many quirky features. Movember found their groove with a bold-yet-classic design that includes a bright and open meeting area centred around a long table surrounded by ravishing leather armchairs. Crisp white and wood-effect walls are the canvas for witty, eclectic-Brit artwork, and the name plate provides another cheeky wink. Oh, and the lighting is simply gorgeous.

Spotless Interactive

office interiors london

Mere mortals who have only ever dreamed of working from home will fall head over their Jimmy Choos for this gorgeous antiquey-chic office design for UX company Spotless Interactive. The rough-hewn wood, squishy seating and vintage accents provide a gorgeously casual and homely feel – there’s even a fridge for some apres-ski drinkies. We defy anyone to feel frazzled in this bleisurely meeting space!

Currency Cloud

office interiors london

Hands down the most impressive asset of Currency Cloud’s offices is a gasp-inducing view over Spitalfields, captured by full-length windows that would make even Google blush with envy! This informal meeting space features bean bag chairs and a putting course, and is defined by a faux grass carpet. It’s actually a rejuvenating spot, flooded with natural light and tucked into a corner to keep the noise at bay. Perfect for business or an all-organic lunch in the ‘garden’. Tables are so last year.

Loving the design ideas! But did we spot a room called Freddie?

It sounds a bit bonkers, but choosing the right names for your meeting rooms is a valuable part of the bleisure experience. What’s more inspiring, holding a meeting in Conference Room 3 or holding a meeting in Kim Kardashian? All the cool kids are doing it – there’s a rumour that Buzzfeed has named their meeting rooms WTF, LOL, and OMG!

If you’re stumped for room name suggestions, think about what your company stands for. Could you pay homage to your values with inspirational room names like ‘Passion,’ ‘Courage’ and ‘Integrity’? Or perhaps you could name your rooms after characters from your favourite TV show? It’s hard to have a boring meeting in Tyrion Lannister or Arya Stark!

We’re thinking of calling our conference room Soggy Bottom. Don’t mock. Bake Off is therapy!

Want to see more creative office interiors? Feast your peepers on our huge collection of inspirational meeting rooms on Pinterest here.


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