Let the Games Begin! (Why Every Office Design Needs a Play Space)

You want to work in a fun environment, right?

Dumb question. Of course you do.

I mean, just because you work in an office, doesn’t mean it has to be an office. If you’re spending over 40 hours a week in one location, it’s super important that you (gasp!) look forward to work.

So, in the spirit of joyful work spaces everywhere, here’s a roundup of the easy-breezy things you can do to create the happiest workspace in the city – and boost your people’s creativity, too.

1. Include one cool thing that no other office has

London Office Fit out

At first glance, this London office fit out looks like any other (gorgeous) office. But peer closer….closer… what’s that you see? Scooters! And not the Electric Boogaloo version favoured by Deliveroo drivers, either, but actual kids’ toys that you propel with one foot. Imagine the thrill of zooming around on these babies. Plus, your boss will be happy, since research shows that our most creative ideas happen when we’re not sitting in front of a monitor. Seriously, you’ll never walk around the office again.

2. Who fancies a game of ping pong (mini golf, giant jenga, arcade machines….)?

London Office Fit out

We can all get bogged down by stress, deadlines and heavy workloads. To counter this, why not install a games area where people can take a break to recharge? Whether it’s board games in the lobby, a quick battle at the ping pong/football/pool table, or (our favourite) showing off your spectacular putting skills acquired through a misspent youth playing crazy golf – office games will help to encourage cohesion and bonding amongst your staff. We have a smile on our face just thinking about it.

London Office Fit out

3.The way to a worker’s heart is through their stomach

Office refurb for charities

While most 9-to-5’ers are lucky if they get a coke ‘n’ crisps vending machine, the employees of this London office fit out get a home-from-home kitchen complete with healthy snacks and a fully stocked bar! When you talk about team building and collaboration, it starts with the stomach. Stocking a kitchen is cheap, and eating together is proven to stimulate conversation and innovation. It also keeps people really happy, since they don’t have to constantly hop to the shops if they want a bite to eat.

4. Sleep your way to success

London Office Fit out

After all those games, you’re probably feeling a bit sleepy. Well, that’s timely as the last thing on our list is the luxury hammock or nap pod! R&R spaces are one of the most sought-after office design items, since it’s pretty well established that taking a short power nap can increase your productivity and alertness. According to space giants NASA, a quick nap can “improve concentration by 34%.”

Which means that napping is actually rocket science. Who’s gonna argue with that?

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