Office Interior Fit Out Trends to Die For in 2018

Scamper this way for innovative, need-to-know trends promising to transform your office design in London this year.

First, a confession: we’re not actually fans of “trends.” A lot of the stuff you see in glossy design mags goes way over the top with unnecessary bells and whistles for the typical office interior fit out and, let’s face it, your office is an office. It’s not going to get those you-are-so-last-season stares (you know the ones) just because it has accidentally worn the same pair of curtains twice.

Now that we’ve got that off our chest, on with the show! There are plenty of rad office design London trends poised to take off this year that we’re really getting behind – here are some of our faves.

1. Reduce Stress Through Me-Time Spaces

If there’s one trend we’re lovin’ this year, it’s the idea of improving the workplace for everyone. Whether your people like it whisper-quiet or riotous and frantic; whether they like it neat as a pin or as organised as your nana’s junk drawer, this trend is all about giving them just the right type of space to attain balance in their lives.

Wellness spaces can be anything from games rooms and social kitchens to chill-out areas and meditation spaces complete with yoga mats – opt for a variety of personal little sanctuaries that anyone can sink into when they need a dose of “me time.”

Having an open plan workspace that’s designed to help build relationships between people will still be key. You’re just giving your employees those extra little escape spaces that uplift the soul.

2. Plants Matter

Office refurb for charities

According to science, plants make people happier. That’s why having a lovely green corner to feast your eyes on is the single most-asked-for accessory in our office interior fit outs. So we’re not in the least bit surprised to see biophilia topping the list of office design London must-haves for 2018.

What’s biophilia, you say? Essentially, it’s bringing the outside in through the ravishing placement of plants. The idea is to provide as many views on to nature as possible to recreate all the happy vibes you get from being outdoors.

If you’re lucky to have a large space, you could think about creating a chi-chi patio, rooftop garden, water feature, living wall or large glass panels to raise natural light levels and allow fresh air onto the skin. But even smaller spaces can benefit from wooden wall dividers and a thoughtful selection of plants. They don’t require much care, but are colourful and welcoming. Green is the new black, baby.

3. There’s No Place Like Home

You’re probably fed up of hearing about hygge (pronounced “hue-gah”), the Danish concept of creating a space that feels warm, welcoming and comfy. But this year it will transition seamlessly from your home to your office space.

Designing within the frame of hygge means surrounding yourself with home-grown touches; think comfy couches and relaxed seating, fireplaces and homely kitchens where people can cook and eat together – it shouldn’t feel too slick.

And when your hygge dial is cranked up to eleven, throw in some “lagom,” hygge’s younger, cooler Swedish relative. Lagom is the state of having not too much of one thing or the other, but getting the balance just right. In practice, that means creating an office design in London that’s a little bit functional, a little bit cosy, and achieves a healthy balance of work and play. Yeah, it should feel like home.

4. More Textures Everywhere You Look

We wrote recently about designing for all the senses but there’s one sense that’s getting all the attention at the moment – touch. Since most offices are designed to be minimalist with streamlined layouts, texture is essential to stop your office from looking like a hospital. It’s the best way to let loose your playful side.

The options are limitless, from fabric wall panels and bamboo wall dividers to faux or real sheepskin chair throws, woven rugs and architectural elements like steel, glass and mouldings. Our suggestion is to keep it “lagom” and play with only two or three types of textures so the office interior fit out won’t look too cluttered. Not too busy, not too sterile – just right.

5. Atypical is the New Normal

Let’s face it: offices as we know them are not going to win any style points. Sure, rows of workstations are functional and ergonomic enough to keep us productive, but their attributes often end there. Blocky partitions, drab colour schemes and clunky furniture make offices utilitarian at best, eyesores at worst – no wonder they make you feel blah.

Luckily, all that’s been changing and today’s millennial-inspired office design in London is more fun, exciting and stimulating than ever before. 2018 will take the trend for personality-packed work areas to the next level. There’s no blueprint, no design template and no restrictions on what you can achieve. All you need is a design partner who gets you and is prepared to take a few risks to help you unlock those special elements of discovery and surprise.

Here at CCWS, we’re all about Challenging Conventional Work Spaces. As well as being one of 2018’s hottest design trends, it is literally our name. Blimey. Who knew we were so trailblazing?

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