Guide to Smashing an Office Refurbishment out the Park

Going on the journey of an office refurbishment can be intimidating. There’s an awful lot to consider along the way. There’s even stuff to consider that you didn’t even know needed considering. It’s enough to put you right off the whole endeavour.

What are you meant to do then? Stick with your old office with its weird smells and crumbling walls?

That’s completely unacceptable.

This is why we’ve created this here ebook. It’s designed to soothe those pre-refurb nerves and to answer all those questions about the process that will inevitably come up, like “how do I butter up my landlord?” and “how do I keep my business running with wires hanging out of the ceiling?” Believe me, when I say, I’ve been there. From beginning to end, the team and I at CCWS have got the whole process sewn up.

Give me a call and I’ll tell you all about it, I’ll even show you the scars…

Better still, click on the image and you’ll be able to download our free guidebook. Not only that, you’ll find a host of other guidebooks too, all yours for the princely sum of nothing. Nadda. Not a penny. We’re not even going to ask for your email address so we can spam you for months afterwards. But please, if you find the guides useful, get in touch. We look after our clients from the very second they make the first contact until we complete the defects period and beyond too. (You can find out what the defects period is in the guidebook by the way).

The other guidebooks in our office refurbishment series are:

  1. How to Deliver a Banging Office without Breaking the Bank
  2. How to Design and Office everyone Loves (Even the FD)
  3. How Working with a Traditional Design and Build Firm Could Cost You Thousands

They’re all free too and yes, our marketing team hates the fact we don’t ask for your email address. But, we never fill in those lead forms on websites so we don’t expect you too either.

Happy reading folks.


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