The Big Reveal with Octopus Group

If there’s one thing that gets us out of bed in the morning, it’s the thought of a Big Reveal. The moment we hand over a recently completed office interiors project back to our client. We call it the Champagne moment. There are always weeks, if not months, of hard work behind us when the doors are opened to a chorus of claps, whoops and smiles all around. And of course, there is always plenty of Champagne to sink too.

Our latest big reveal was with Octopus Group – a high energy and independently owned marketing agency on Grays Inn Road in Central London. The good news is I caught the moment on camera and you can enjoy it below. You’ll have to forgive the shaky camera work, it was all filmed on my iPhone and I’m definitely no Ridley Scott.

We’ve really enjoyed working on this project with the team at Octopus Group. As with every office interiors project we’ve worked our socks off to deliver a fantastic office space. It looks like we’ve once again delivered on our promises.

We’ll be heading back in a few weeks with our camera crew to record a tour of the office so you’ll be able to see the full extent of the project. You’ll also be able to hear first hand from the client’s project team about their experiences of working with us. Watch this space to see and hear more.

Make sure you follow the hashtag #refurbdiaries if you want to see more behind the scenes action of what it’s like refurbishing an office. You can always get in touch with me here if you’d like to chat about your office project too.


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